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Our Company

Flametron Equipment, a proudly Australian owned and run company, have provided expert advice and high quality explosion protected electrical equipment since 1985.

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a high level of personal service, advice and flexibility.

Our Expertise

When working in hazardous areas where an explosive atmosphere is present, you must be able to trust the precautions taken to safeguard any ignition points from electrical apparatus.

Flametron, and our decades of experience, will help ensure you keep your people and profits well protected.

Our Promise

Flametron Equipment promises no offshore call centres, no extended hold times, and no dealing with sales staff who don't understand your specialised needs.

When you call Flametron, you'll be connected directly to our company directors and their wealth of experience.


Adaptors & Reducers

Reducers, adaptors, nipples, stopping plugs are available, triple certified Ex(d), Ex(e) and Ex tD in many combinations.

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Cable Glands

We can provide Hazardous Area cable glands for all armoured and non-armoured cable. Certified Exd, Exe, ExtD, for use in Zone 1 and Zone 21 applications.

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Conduit Seals

We provide conduit seal fittings and compound filling kits for conduit sizes ranging from 20mm to 63mm as well as BSP and NPT.

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Control Panels

Hazardous area control panels, gas group IIB and IIB+Hydrogen Flameproof Exd enclosures are available in cast marine grade aluminium and can be supplied in cast iron or cast steel as special manufacture.

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Control Stations

Control stations can be supplied in Exd cast aluminium, Exde stainless steel and Exde polyester with various combination of pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights.

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Dust Ignition Proof Electrical Equipment

Commonly referred to as "DIP", under the new IEC/AS/NZS60079 Certification this is now referred to as "Ex tD".

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Flexible Conduit

We can supply Zone 1 flexible conduit and connectors in 20mm and 25mm outside diameter sizes.

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Junction & Terminal Boxes

Flameproof Exd terminal boxes and junction boxes are available in cast marine grade aluminium.

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We can supply Exd, Exe, Exn and ExtD lighting for Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22. Many variations are available in Fluorescent and LED.

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Pressurized Equipment

Exp Purged/Pressurized is an alternative when a panel or device is too large or complicated to house in an Exd enclosure.

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We supply beacons, bells, strobes, emergency fluorescent and exit lighting for Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21 and Zone 22 areas.

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Socket Outlets & Plugs

Wall mounted socket outlets and plugtops are available in Ex(d) for Zone 1 and Zone 2 Areas

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Hazardous area switchboards enclosures are available in cast marine grade aluminium and can be supplied in cast iron or cast steel as special manufacture.

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